Wealth <span>Management</span>

Wealth Management

At Kellands Gloucester, we offer our clients a distinctive and personalised Wealth Management service.

Our expert financial advisers appreciate the financial challenges you face and provide sound wealth management advice. This financial advice, coupled with our robust investment management process, will help you get the best from your investments.

Our Wealth Management service aims to identify the right spread of investments to match your appetite for risk and returns and maximise the likelihood of you reaching your investment goals.

Our Wealth Management process adopts a holistic approach to financial planning. We look at how all your pensions, savings, investments and other assets overlap and interact with one another. We then seek to establish the most efficient financial strategy for your own individual needs.

Once you become a client, you will have access to our distinctive Kellands Wealth Platform, which is designed to help you take control over your personal finances. It provides live data on all your assets, which in turn means you can have a constant two-way conversation with your consultant or wealth manager. Our Wealth Platform is structured around your needs, circumstances and aspirations and helps to put you in control of your finances 24/7.

Because you can view all of your assets in one place, our Wealth Management process helps you understand exactly what you have and how your assets are performing at any one time. It also helps us with our holistic financial planning approach, enabling us to develop appropriate and innovative financial strategies to meet your individual needs.

To find out more about our Wealth Management service and how to get the optimum benefit from the Kellands Wealth Platform, contact your Kellands Gloucester consultant. If you are not a client, then contact us for more information.

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